Monday, May 01, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - since i've been sick, HM thot it might be a good idea to sit in the sauna so it could "open me up" a bit. i went to the gym and sat in the sauna for 20-25 minutes. that shit burnt my nose hairs!! not doing that again. or at least, not anytime soon.

the sauna made me very tired, too. i was pretty lazy when i got home and HM had a friend coming over. he wanted me to "sit up" and be nice. i got the be nice part down but sitting up just wasn't happening. it's not like i had to impress this guy or anything. okay, so i got halfway up, but not all the way. besides, i was watching the godfather. don't bug me while i'm watching scarface or THE GODFATHER. at least parts 1 and 2. the third installment of that movie really bites. it's a classic and i will watch it every time it's on. although, last nite, scarface was on and we opted to watch the sunday nite lineup on fox, instead. i love all the classic movie lines that come from those two movies. one of my favorites being, "leave the gun. take the canoli's".

saturday - i was able to make it to my kwando class. yay me! afterwards, it was the usual at home... laundry, vacuuming, etc.

it was also 'date nite' on saturday. HM is so not picky about date nite. he's a pretty cheap date, too. we went to the hole in the wall place down the road and proceeded to order a few beers and every greasy, batter-fried, covered in chili thing on the menu. not feeling good after... imagine that. date nite didn't last as we both passed out as soon as we got home. well, i did. i don't think he was up for much longer, tho.

sunday - almost finished painting the princess' room. that damn pastel pink and yellow was harder to cover than we expected. i think we still need a third coat on the walls and something to break up the white on top. we'll see.

HM also worked alot in the garage. he got alot accomplished! i think this weekend, we'll finally be able to put the mustang back in. my poor baby also hurt his back. he says he now knows how i felt last weekend. and since i know what that feels like, i haven't been as ass to him once.

hope everybody else had a good weekend! have a good nite, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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