Wednesday, May 24, 2006

my brush with fame

so i didn't actually brush up against her and we didn't have a conversation or anything. i said, "hi". she said, "hi" back. but she didn't smile.

this is how i imagine the conversation would have gone had i pushed it further:

me: ohmigod... you look just like jada pinkett! or do you prefer jada pinkett-smith?

jp: really? yeah... i get that alot (pretending all not to be her).

me: yeah, only without the makeup... ew.

jp: uh...thanks?

me: no, i mean you do look like her.

jp: yeah. well i am HER jackass so bug off!

only she used the F word instead of "bug" and was pissed after i said she looked like crap without her makeup. i mean, who wouldn't be, right?

as it is, i only stared and then said hi and walked downstairs. apparently, she was in town for a show last nite. her band was playing at a local bar in the area.

by the way, here's what she looks like with makeup. MUCH better than what she looked like in the gym.

p.s. i gotta give the girl props for not trying to look "pretty" in the gym.

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