Wednesday, May 31, 2006

weekend update/recap

addie, thanks for coming to visit. FINALLY! i had a really good time with you and i hope i can come see you next month. with the way the schedule is looking so far, not likely. the only open weekend to come see you is the weekend i will probably drag S1 to Beauty Queens-R-Us so she can gawk at the amazement that is moi, in a wedding dress. the weekend after that is just crazy-busy with family stuff and the CHICAGO\HUEY LEWIS show!! YAY!!
love ya,

this weekend started off slowly enough with me and HM, of course, not doing any of the house cleaning we had set out to do in the first place. when i got home, he was moving stuff around in the game room and i immediately jumped on the laptop to setup the wireless router.... much to my dismay. as HM was hooking up the tv, and the projector, and the stereo, and the vcr, and the dvd player and the turntable (yes, not only do we still have a turntable, but we have TWO!) he had to listen to a series of four-letter words and mis-directed frustration towards my Lappy and the router. you see, it was only last week that a family member of HM's came to stay with us one nite. and on that fateful nite, said member was bored so he downloaded some games to MY LAPPY! games like internet backgammon and poker and what-not. innocently so. innocent or not, it started a series of internet pop-ups and retarded-ass links that lead to (the devil!). it took THREE days and addie's help to clean it and i STILL don't think it's all cleared up. OH, and did i mention i had to go into the REGISTRY??? i HATE doing that!, you can see how the house didn't get cleaned up at all on friday.

saturday - we started out by meeting addie at HM's store. from there, we went for a late breakfast then headed towards THE GALLERIA (can you see the heavens open up and hear the angels singing?). side note: if you know me, you know i'm not one much for shopping. i was always the kid who wanted to stay home and didn't care if i got a "present" if i went. i hated the mall! S1 LOVED the mall. she was one of those kids that every time she went to the mall she got something new to wear and, of course, threw it in my face when she got home. "i got a new shirt", "i got some new jeans", etc. that being said, i was not all too excited to be spending a day trying things on over and over and over and over again. i was more looking forward to making addie try on every tacky bridesmaid dress i could find. i think she had the same thing in mind, only geared towards me.

we found ONE, count it...ONE wedding shop in the whole frikkin' GALLERIA! and that would be Beauty Queens-R-Us (or as addie put it: Loud Dresses Are Kool, or Pageants-To-Go). they had everything from lime green to bright orange to hot fuschia pink to elek-tric blue! almost reminiscent of what the princess wants her room to look like. i was hesitant, but addie insisted. they actually did have some okay things in there. i'll have to drag S1 back to check it out with me.

saturday nite - after dragging around the galleria all day, we went home to chill. pollie and manny dropped by and eli came over to hang out. we all went to the red lantern to get our fill of greasy-cheezy and dollar-fitty beers. called it a nite shortly after.

sunday - S1 and BIL1 brought the brood & company over for some grillin'. thie kids finally got use of the motorbike billy made. it's something like a lawnmower motor on a bike. it's actually pretty damn cool! booger, BIL1, his brother, and HM all took a ride on it. video to come soon.

sunday nite - DANCE OFF! the princess, jazzy j, and the child who eats nothing we cook all had little routines they made up for the big recital. of the THREE songs they play on the 50 record jukebox, they made up routines for us to watch at the end of the nite. it was very cute. also, video to come soon.

monday - DAMN LAZY. DID NUTTIN'. oh, except some laundry. i did that.

tuesday - addie and i went back to some more dress shops (tho, not before the hour and a half long search for the megaphone). ;0) we found another dress that we both liked. still nothing for her. if i wasn't so damn radioactive in white we could have probably found something for her on the first day. but because i have to wear an off white or ivory or whatever, then everybody else has to wear it, too!

after that, i took my baby boy to his new vet. he was very good only he pee-pee'd in the vet's office! GASP! he NEVER does that! anywhere! he has held his pee-pee in all the way from my house to conroe (hour and a half) and didn't go pee-pee in the car, but he had no qualms whatsoever about opening fire in the vet's office just 10 minutes away! anyways, weighing in at 21.2 lbs and $305.00 later, my baby's okay. he's in good health, in his teen years and just has some filling out to do. he'll only gain about two or three more pounds.

all in all, it was a very good weekend. after addie left, the house seemed kinda empty. i'm glad she came in and we got to visit over a long weekend. i'm also glad she got to see S1 and see how much booger has grown.

until next time. i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. as a result of the popups while i was setting up the wireless router, while closing out popup windows, the network key window was closed out as well. i now DO NOT have the network key TO USE MY OWN DAMN WIRELESS CONNECTION!!

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