Thursday, October 06, 2005

thank you sir may i have another

-chip (kevin bacon's character), animal house

today we went to look at two more houses in the same family friendly neighborhood. i'm pretty much sold on that neighborhood but i'll be damned if there are NO houses for sale there! HM says it's because people don't regularly move during the school year. MOVE people!

so one was a foreclosure. good god, man! i don't know how those people even lived there. ick! big lot but not exactly the best layout. the second was a mediterranean style home. really nice but no yard. actually, all the yard was in the front. why ya want a big ass front yard and no back yard???

we're gonna do a drive by on another one saturday. just kinda check out the neighborhood. his friend, the realtor, has got the Sweet T\HM eye down, now. she knows exactly what we're looking for. she knows how small is too small and that a yard is very important. so until we find THE ONE, she'll keep sending them our way.

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