Monday, October 31, 2005

achy breaky heart

this girl kills me. tonite, i put the princess to bed. she wanted me to lay down with her while she fell asleep. as i lay there, we conversed a bit. she asked me what she should call HM now. she said uncle handyman was too long and asked if uncle Duane would be okay. i told her it was up to her. other options were uncle guero (pronounced weddo) or tio bolio (pronouced wulleeoh). i think the tio bolio has a nice ring to it.

we also talked about marriage and kids. she asked me why i waited so long to get married. i told her it was because i wanted to make sure i got it right the first time. she totally understood. she also asked what we were going to name our kids. she came up with several options... none of which we'll use. i don't know where the hell she came up with these names.

she also asked why i was marrying someone "so weird". i told her it was because i was so normal and it kinda balanced out. she didn't buy it. she knows i'm damn weird. she loves that i'm weird. that makes me the cool aunt, that i'm weird. she was worried about us having weird kids, tho. she said that would be okay, cuz at least they would be cute. she is SO looking forward to babysitting.

laying down with her, i was imagining laying down with my own kids. one day. i imagine putting them to bed, talking to them, hearing about their day, and listening to their dreams. i never want the princess to grow up. i want her to stay eight years old forever. she's a little mature for her own good but she doesn't always let on that she knows that. i like it when she lets me be the grown up. sweet dreams, princess.

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