Sunday, October 30, 2005

weekend update/recap

friday - we went to look at another house. a three bedroom... cuz let's face it, i ain't poppin' out kids TODAY. we really liked it when we saw it. but after the weekend, we're not so sure. the master bedroom is kinda small and the closets are really small. also, the master bath is the main bath for the house. it did have it's good points, tho. there was a built-on game room type room and there were all these little "rooms" inside the closets (very flowers in the attic). one led to above the garage. the other was at the front of the house. either a little kids play room or HM's getaway. it had potential, tho. there's definitely room for improvement and i have to decide if this is the place i want to be for maybe 5-6 years. possibly 10. i guess that all depends on where we are at that point.

after the house, i had another reception to attend. what is it with the friday nite receptions? my friend D-Money got married earlier this summer. as they were congratulating me on my recent engagement, towlie told me to check out ashley's (the wife's) rock. so i did. she's got this huge frikkin' emerald cut (?...whichever cut is square) and she looks at me and says, "eh, he did okay... he did okay." okay? he did okay?? WTF?!?!? i know D$ and D$ isn't made of $$$. she's been a spoiled little shit from day one, tho. it just killed me. i would NEVER say that about my ring. i LOVE my ring. i love the simplicity of it. i love that it's not some ghastly oversized piece of glass surrounded by a thousand other diamonds. isn't that dated anyways? i don't know. i never even looked at rings before HM asked me about them. i wouldn't trade mine for anything. afterwards, i came home thinking HM is SO lucky to have me. =)

saturday - woke up early. good god, man, what was i thinking? it's saturday and i'm showered and dressed before 11:00...??? i decided to go ahead and make my way to HM. stopped by the store and stole him away for lunch. afterwards, we didn't do much of anything. HM made me shrimp etoufee for dinner and i couldn't even eat it. i was really not feeling well. we even missed the haunted house we were supposed to go to. we didn't do much except play with the boys and watch some movies.

side note: OMG! what the hell was VH1 thinking when they created this new show, "
but can they sing?" good lord! i'm watching bai ling make an absolute fool of herself, singing "like a virgin". i gotta give her props for even doing it... knowing damn well she couldn't pull it off with her not speaking english very well and all. what actors will do for exposure.... sad.

sunday - felt much better. just kinda hung out and watched movies. we watched 'the fog'. it was a pretty good flick but HM said it wasn't as suspenseful as the first one. i don't remember seeing it when i was a kid. imagine that.

second side note: kim alexis should have stuck to modeling. i can't even decipher what this song is... she sounds like she's trying to yodel something. please stop it now. thank god they don't get to sing a whole song.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. i can't wait to see the kids in their costumes tomorrow!

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