Tuesday, October 18, 2005

weekend update/recap

sooooo...this weekend was a long one. it started on thursday. we went to meet the partners (P1 and P2) and caught our plane to indy. it's a wonder we even made it to the airport with their obvious lack of navigation skills. good god, man!! it was actually pretty funny just listening to them. and it's not like they've never been to the airport before...

so thursday nite HM and i go to this irish pub and have a beer. next, we check out the canterbury hotel. HM remembered DON, the bartender, from his last visit. DON told us there was a film festival going on. the only star sightings so far were
Dakota Fanning and Judge Reinhold. not really worth gettin' star-eyed about. none the less, we promised to visit on friday.

friday - i was allowed to sleep late while HM and the P's went to seminars on how to make more money and sell more hardware. i took the shuttle downtown and had lunch at einstein's... started wandering around... took some pictures. i was kinda on a steeple/bell tower kick. i ended up, unknowingly, at the convention center. thereby, missing the shuttle back to the hotel with HM and the P's. apparently, HM saw me while they were driving off. they were nice enough to come back and get me.

back at the hotel, we got dressed to go BACK to the convention center and grab some dinner. there was this sort of early bird blue light special for the members. members being store owners and what-not. before we got in there, they marked off what they wanted in a little circular flyer thingy. P1 and P2 got half. HM got the other half. while "literally" almost running around to place the early bird orders at every essential booth, it was kinda reminiscent of Trading Places. the part where Winthorp and Billy Ray were in the pit of the New York Commodities Exchange where they're reaching over each other, trying to get the tickets from the sellers... or the buyers, whatever. that's exactly what it was like during the blue light special.

afterwards, it was dinner at P.F.Chang's. after dinner, HM and i ditched the P's and went back to see DON as promised. DON informs us that the new star sightings were Patricia Heaton and Bill Paxton. still, kinda nobody star-worthy (actually, seeing Billl Paxton mighta been kinda cool), but OH, it was a fun nite. we met some pretty cool people and had ALOT of drinks. i remember, there was a birthday and some singing and ALOT of drinks. i don't remember much of the rest. when downloading my pictures today, i had more than i expected. turns out, when i'm drunk, i take a whole lotta pictures... and HM becomes my favorite subject. i'm guessing i took all of them on the walk home. neither one of us really remembers the walk home.

saturday - good god, man! what a hangover!!! i was hurting so bad. i had to get up for a luncheon that P1 signed me up for. "how to market to women". good lunch, tho. afterwards, i was trying to get out and get back to the hotel bed. but nooooooo... .HM was not allowing it. he pulled this, "i want you to be near me" and "i thot we could hang out today". he so didn't care. i know he didn't care. he just didn't want me to sleep while he was out placing his orders at the trade show all day. i told him that if he wanted to spend time with me, he had to hold my hand. at first let go, i'm outta there. he never let go. =)

that nite, we went to get some down home fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn. again, with the navigators from hell. "what does veer right mean?" "what street is this coming up?" "how far down is it?" just get there already! geesh! not even an hour later, leaving the restaurant, it was "well if we took a right getting here then we have to take a left getting back" and "no, we have to take a right to get back" and "oh, which street did we turn on again?" it was three.frikkin'.turns. people!! AND it was less than an hour ago!

we opted not to go out on saturday. even tho we were invited to a party by the nice people we met at the hotel bar the nite before. i don't think either one of us could handle it.

sunday - back to the trade show. wrapping up odds and ends and buying stuff from the aisles he didn't walk the day before. headed for the airport around 2-ish, i guess..? "which way do we go?" "is this a one way?" "we can't go down this street. it's a on way." "is it left or right?" just look for the damn airport sign already.

at the airport, we watched the astros and the patriots. yeah, i watched the patriots get their butts smashed in. so sad. they're having a pretty rough year. astros won! YAY! we found that out on the plane. back in the big city....aaahhhhhhh. "which road is this?" "is this our turn?" GET.ME.HOME.

home again. don't even get me started about the game last nite. frikkin' astros. we still got a chance. i'm going to watch the game with friends tomorrow. i'll let you know what happens.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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