Friday, October 21, 2005

you're an obsession

why is it that when we are having company, we are so obsessed with our kitchens being cleaned? do we think they're going to walk in and say, "oh my god, she eats"! that's the one thing i don't get. people know i eat. and well, i might add. why wouldn't there be dishes in my sink? i cook. i eat off real plates. i do this on a daily basis. why can't there be dishes in my sink?

it's almost like it's okay for the rest of the house to look like holy hell but THE KITCHEN MUST BE CLEAN! i have to admit, when the kitchen is all messed up, the rest of the apartment pretty much follows suit. i guess it's the clutter that gets me. i don't like clutter (this is the part where you look at my dining room table, roll your eyes and say r i i i i i i i ght).

so all of this obsession started because sistah sweet cheeks is on her way down right now. there's a wedding in town and she's using me for a place to stay. =) it's okay, tho. she invited me to the wedding and there's an open bar. DONE!

for an invite to an open bar, i'll clean the damn kitchen to make it look more presentable.

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