Monday, October 24, 2005

weekend update/recap

it was a fun weekend. a lazy weekend. and a busy weekend all rolled into one.

friday - sistah sweet cheeks came down. late. she was supposed to call me when she left her place around 3:00. i called her at 4:00 and she was N A P P I N G. not good. the wedding started at 6:00, she got to my place at 6:05 and can you believe, i still didn't have enough time to do my hair like i wanted. even with the cool fronts coming thru there was still ample humidity for my hair to frizz out.

we got to the wedding while the bridesmaids were going down the aisle. we also saw the bride prepping for her walk. yeah, we were late. it was a very nice ceremony. i didn't even know the couple and i cried. well, that's not entirely true. i know the groom but not so much that i would cry at his wedding. we had a good time chatting with everyone and catching up. i made mental notes of what will not be allowed at my wedding. no bryan adams. no screaming kids. no bryan adams. no whole long song father/bride-mother/groom dance. if this happens at all, the songs will fade at an appropriate moment. the couples first dance will be to, "i wanna sex you up". JUST KIDDING MAMALANE. ;o)

afterwards, sweet cheeks and i went to the martini bar. thirty minutes later, HM showed up w/Pooop. i missed him. i love him. we left there and went to whiskey bar. we had a really good time, the three of us. sweet cheeks had such a good time with us, she's coming down for the rally, too. YAY!

saturday - HM got up at 7:45 to help P1 move some stuff. ugh. sweet cheeks and i stayed asleep until he returned at 11:30-ish. with breakfast! he brought us barbacoa and burritos and homemade tortillas. shortly after, we went right back to sleep. we didn't wake up again until HM made us get up at 3:00. which then just moved us to the living room sofas to sleep. we were laazzzzy.

saturday nite we watched the game and went out for a bit. we haven't been out out for a really long time. so it was nice to see everyone this weekend. made the usual rounds and tried out a new place which i will never go back to cuz the owner is a giant "richard". i can't believe he wanted to see my ID. like he doesn't frikkin know me and we haven't had conversations with each other for the last three frikking years!!! ass.

came home and had fajita tacos with the crew.

sunday - lazy. HM had an unusually lazy day. he hurt his back while he was helping P1 move so he was on muscle relaxers. he slept ALOT on sunday. i was totally okay with it. all we did was sleep and eat on sunday. again, totally okay with that.

we met megan and smooth out, later, to watch the game. i don't think we quite made it to the 4th inning. HM was tired and his back hurt. he was a trooper just for going in the first place. we finished watching the game at home. actually, i fell asleep. i knew we weren't going to win. we're waiting for our thunder at home.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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