Friday, June 24, 2005

it's friday...

and i gotta tell ya. i'm not all that excited. there's been a lot of drama this week. two deaths and something we thot might have been a heart attack. she's fine but it did call for a ER visit to the hospital.

i'm ready to chill. only i have so much going on this weekend it's not funny.
tonite - CLEAN! i have to clean my apt! people, this is a major task. my apt is nasty. okay, not NASTY but it definitely needs some major cleaning. in between cleaning i'm going to go walk.
tomorrow - get up to help decorate for my momma's husband's party. come back home, clean some more. go to party. go to another party cuz i'm tired of hearing my friend say i never go to her parties anymore.
sunday - pick up kids. go to handyman's, check on dogs. take kids to baseball game.

i'm sure i'll need some down time after all that.

1 comment:

Handyman said...

well quit maken that poor man of yours do so much...he needs downtime too!!!