Saturday, June 18, 2005


the bestest daddy in the whole wide world

100 things i learned from my daddy
1.   to drive a car
2. to drive stick shift
3. to drive a column shift
4. appreciate the blues
5. to never give up on dreams
6. he'll always be proud of me
7. men are shallow dogs
8. there are good men out there
9. to love Santana
10. to love corny jokes (SUPPLIES!)
11. to respect myself
12. i need a man, not a boy
13. nobody likes a nag
14. you can't force it
15. to drive a go-cart
16. to muffle crying when thrown off said go-cart
17. parents always try to do the best they can. sometimes they just don't know
18. to play LCR
19. i should have been a flight attendant
20. meat & corn in a skillet is a meal
21. to pump gas
22. grab 1 more tortilla and make a burrito with the leftovers
23. unconditional love
24. never make fun of someone picking their nose, they might flick it on you
25. in times of pain, we do the most growing up
26. to be proud of myself
27. never pick up a hitchhiker
28. to be fearless
29. it's not okay not to know my native language
30. to make the best grilled cheese sandwich in the world
31. do not stay in retail just because your friends aren't ready to move on
32. shoot pool
33. to honestly not give a shit what people think and do what makes me happy
34. it's still camping even if you just go to the dike for the day (we never bought that one)
35. love is rare. latch on when you find the real deal
36. never color in facial hair and go to basketball practice afterwards
37. communication is crucial to happiness
38. i can do anything i set my mind to
39. steel toe shoes can not be ruined by a passing 18 wheeler
40. when something terrible happens, you learn who your real friends are
41. you don't have to be pretty on the outside as long as you're pretty on the inside
42. even thin people have insecurities (i wouldn't know this from personal experience)
43. love of guitar playing
44. never give up
45. it's a waste to look back, always look forward
46. to flare my nostrils (in and out)
47. to ride a 10 speed
48. catch a cheap buzz at the VFW
49. thank a vet
50. snap my fingers
51. appreciate siblings no matter how much we fight
52. a broken nose gives you character
53. anyone can be a sperm donor, but he is my DADDY
54. we all have moments of weakness
55. tell stories of your childhood
56. don't try to be someone else
57. there is such a thing as a female mechanic
58. how to put things together without looking at the instructions
59. how to resort to the directions when nothing fits together
60. it's okay to cry (as long as he didn't cause it and mom's not around)
61. if you're gonna do something, do it right
62. chicago is too damn cold
63. doing yard work in the spring is fun
64. to drive a dirt bike
65. you can get too many golf gifts
66. always go for the cheap laugh
67. find something you love and figure out how to get paid for it
68. how to defend myself
69. if someone tells you No, ask someone else
70. "if you're going to kill each other, do it outside"
71. i wasn't raised in a barn
72. always be early. it makes a good first impression
73. give a firm handshake.
74. perform routine maintenance on my car
75. duct tape works wonders (masking tape, too)
76. shoe shining (even tho i never do)
77. finish what i start
78. all the lyrics to Delta Dawn
79. to shoot a layup
80. when walking, always carry something sharp & pointy between your fingers
81. how to make a weiner sandwich
82. how to make a fried bologna\cheese sandwich
83. mayo goes with everything!
84. do not judge
85. if it breaks, glue it back together before mom gets home
86. if it can't be glued or duct taped, it's broke
87. put english on it to make corner shots
88. cheech & chong
89. don't let whitey keep the brown down
90. what a hero is
91. tejano dancing (i love it when he spins me)
92. wash your hands, but don't dry them and when you come out of the restroom
rub your sisters face and tell her, "there's no more toilet paper"
93. always drive yourself. you always have a way out
94. turn off the lights when you leave the room (handyman's still trying to get this thru my head)
95. whatever you do, don't pull his finger
96. money doesn't grow on trees
97. kids today have it easy
98. there's no such thing as too much hairspray
99. what a best friend is
100. my daddy's the greatest (i learned that one on my own)

Lord loves a workin' man; don't trust whitey; see a doctor and get rid of it.
i miss you daddy!  i love you!  have a happy day!

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