Monday, June 06, 2005

from dream-cheating to dream-dying

tell me if you think this is weird. handyman and i are laying down to watch this thriller movie that he rented. it's a stephen king movie about some guy who's trying to go home and see his mom before she dies. he's hitch hiking most of the way and comes across some pretty interesting characters along the way.

anyways, we're dozing in and out of the movie and i can't take any more. the movie itself was not all that, but i hate to not finish a movie. at this point, we had had a full day and i wanted some sleep... besides HM was snoring in my ear. so we go to bed and HM says he's having some weird dreams. as in premonition dreams. he says it's happened a total of 5 or 6 times in his life where he has a dream and it happens. i told him it was just the movie jackin' with him.

he dreamt about his grandfather dying and he dreamt about his dad dying. those both happened. who doesn't have a bad dream like that at point or another? he says "these" dreams are different. they're very vivid and they really scare the crap out of him. if you know me, you know NOW I GOTTA KNOW what he just dreamed about that he was so shaken up. so this is what he tells me.... he says that i couldn't ever go to new mexico, or arizona, or nevada. mind you, the boy was just trying to get me to vegas to marry his ass on saturday! i'm like, "wtf"? he says that he saw very clearly that i was in a car wreck (good god, man). i survived (whew). i went to get help and then got hit by another car! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?

granted, me and some team members were planning on a new mexico trip next year. rachael just moved there last week and we figured we'd go skiing or biking or something just so we could go visit her. i guess that's out! he made me promise not to go to any "states that have that same topography" alone. he has to be with me. great, he was probably the one driving!

p.s. he also had one of "these" dreams about his brother being in serious trouble. he had it about a year ago. nothing's happened yet. if something does happen, you'll see one freaked out frikkin mescan!

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