Wednesday, July 13, 2005

freak or foe

okay... i know you people are freaking out on me even SPEAKING of having children and NO i'm not pregnant! but there are reasons i never wanted them before and i think this "freak" nature handymans speaks of, may be one of them.

you know we're looking at houses now. so i'm looking at different floor plans today and i see that the master bedroom is in the back of the house and the kids' rooms are in the front. why would you put your babies in the front of the house with another bedroom, a dining room and a bathroom in between you? how could you HEAR anything? granted, i'm sure i'd have a monitor, but HM sleeps like a frikkin log! he'd never hear anything! still, even after you've stirred a little and realized what, if anything, was going on you'd still have to run all the way across the house to check it out. he says that's the point of putting the kids in front, is so you can't hear them. i'm not buying it.

am i a freak to be having these thoughts? seriously?

i knew i'd be a freak if i had kids.

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