Thursday, July 28, 2005

don't stop believin'

last nite, my "sistah" called. she got me and my sister two tickets to see JOURNEY! now, i really wanna be excited about this but i'm finding it hard. i wanna hear the JOURNEY of yesteryear. the JOURNEY i fell in love with in junior high. the JOURNEY my sister turned me onto with ESCAPE. the one that "just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world" really appreciated.

it scares me to think we'll go and they'll play all their new stuff. who cares about their new stuff. i mean, really. do they really think they have new fans without STEVE PERRY??? mind you, i was a jonathan cain fan myself. looking at him now, i'm not sure why. sure, he's older now, but still. i think it was just because i was really into playing keyboard at the time and maybe i thot i would someday be in a band, playing keyboard. please, i was barely able to whip out "colour my world" by chicago....and that was only five or six keys!

the show is september 23rd. i'll be back with a review then.

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JW Meller said...

I think you will enjoy it either way, and I bet that they will play some of their old stuff. Afterall, I am sure that they haven't forgotten how they became famous.