Wednesday, July 13, 2005

all hope is not lost

so last nite, i'm at a team meeting. afterwards, we're catching up on who's doing what, who's moving, who's in love, yadda yadda yadda. the conversation turns to me (my favorite subject) and i give them the spill about "no yards" and "small homes" and how depressing it was, just looking.

lil bo pEEp and double d tell me that there are a ton of houses up for sale in their neighborhood (not that we're buying tomorrow or anything) and they all have GIANT YARDS!! mind you, they live a tad further than i ever wanted to drive. dd says it's exactly 32 miles from his front door to the seawall. not all that comforting since 32 miles translates into 45 minutes with traffic. but they were really trying to make a case for their neighborhood.

they want us to come by and see the improvements they've made on their house and how big the yard is. there used to be a pool but they filled it *gasp*! why would you do that? but, i guess they're not water babies like my handyman.

p.s. at least we'd have someone to watch the dogs! ;o)

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