Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Monkey!!

Today was Monkey's birthday!  look at him all growed up in his birthday boy shirt.  ready for a full day of fun!!

we started the day off with Daddy.  he took us to Denny's for a big birthday boy breakfast.  they even sang Happy Birthday to my little monkey boy.

after breakfast, we went to the Children's Museum for two whole hours!  he played with his new friends from the mommy group - all around his age.  it's so amazing watching Monkey at the museum.  he's figuring out so much!  he wants to know how it works and if he can't figure it out, he gives it me to show him.  of course, he takes it right out of my hand as soon as he sees it's working again.  after he was all played out, we had lunch with our new friends then headed out to see Daddy.  

after our Daddy visit, Monkey had a nap on the way home (he was pooped).  when we pulled up to the house he was still asleep so i sat in the driveway for a little while, checking email and catching up on facebook.  one of the mommies posted a visit to the park so away we go.


after the park, a bath was definitely in order.  he LOVES baths!  i hope it stays that way.  oh, and he loves his new "toy".  let's just hope he doesn't rip it off... because, trust me, i think he's trying to.  yikes!

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