Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dear Monkey,

so, it's been a smidge over one year since you blessed us with your presence.  there are so many things you've learned in that short time.  at first, sure, you were just a bump on a log.  but now?  NOW??  we can't get you to stop moving!  it's pretty scary and wonderful all at the same time.  especially when you're being "little Hercules".  yes, i know you're strong but you don't have to prove it by picking Daddy's shovel up and almost hitting me in the head.  that's really not necessary. 

you've got the "toddler" thing down, for sure.  you walk around like a little mini Fred Sanford.  hence the other nickname, "little Sanford".  your cousin Kenny thinks we should now teach you to say, "it's the big one, elizabeth!".  but your cousin Kenny's a damn fool.  KIDDING!  but really, we're not teaching you that.  let's get Mama and Dada down before we go into multi-word sentences, shall we?

one thing i absolutely adore about you - you are super loving!  my favorite part of the weekends or days off, is when you're winding down.  you like to crawl into my lap with your sippy or bottle and just chill.   LOVE!  THIS!  it's all good for about 20 minutes and i soak it all in before you realize, "hey, i could be outside playing".

Aunt S1 says you always look like you're mad and you never laugh.  i disagree.  it's not a "mad" look.  i tend to believe it's a look of determination.  you have the wheels turning up there and they won't stop until you find "that thing", whatever it may be.  you're an explorer.  an engineer.  plus, she's just not funny.  =)

your new obsession is cars.  i took you to a birthday party this weekend and all you wanted to do was scoot around the floor, the ground, the concrete (whatever it was and no matter how many holes it was putting in your cute little jumper) and push the cars around.  it was the cutest thing.  your first addiction.  not unlike Daddy's.  i see many days in the garage, with your Daddy, in your future.  your other new obsession, and this goes back to the "being a toddler thing", is running away from Mommy.  not cool.

i'm hoping you will be "reading" soon.  you've shown an interest in books (and not just eating them any more) and we're trying to nourish that.  Nana is showing you dvd's so you can learn words.  i think if you had an attention span longer than two seconds, it just might work.  before you start reading, though, i will give you credit for learning to sign.  this is totes cool!  you now know the sign for "all done".  this is nice and much better than throwing your food on the floor when you're finished eating.  not good, however, when Mommy's trying to change your diaper and you throw up the "all done" like it's a gang sign or something.  never gonna work, 'cause dude... have you smelled your diapers?  they need to be changed.  but i appreciate the effort in using it in the right context.


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Veronica said...

awwww, too cute! and i AM funny!! LOL