Tuesday, November 13, 2007

it's been crazy busy up in here

so, i know i haven't updated in a while and it's only because i've been kinda busy, uh, having a life... i promise to get better at it with more regular posts.

where we left off: just kidding, i don't know where we left off. but i do know in the last couple of weeks, i've made three necklaces, been drunk twice, passed out at a friends once, and had two visits from Austin. one from Addie. one from Seth.

i also made it down to the Lone Star Rally. i went down there after work, because i was supposed to meet Lil Bit (who almost killed my dog! another story for another time) and her guy. of course, she wasn't there at designated time so i ended up hanging out with Durty. Durty is SBW's new boyfriend. he was a good stand-in, tho. we hung out, walked around, had a few beers. i have a few pictures and a lot of video from that nite. none that i've downloaded to Lappy yet because i've just recently (last nite) moved stuff over to my external to make room for it. i'll try to get that done this week. get pictures and video up, that is. of the rally. we saw a guy riding his motorcycle inside the "wall of death". that was pretty cool!

in the time i hung out with Durty, i got to know him a little better. i think he's a pretty genuine guy. young and in love. it's so sweet to see his eyes light up when he talks about her. she finally got a guy that appreciates her for who she is. i wonder... do HM's eyes light up when he talks about me??? duh! of course they do! j/k! no really, do they?

the day after that, Addie came down with her friends David and Javier. they did the museum thing while i slept off a light hangover. when they got to the house, i was already all better. =)

i gave HM the nite off to go play with his BFF down at the rally and the rest of us went to Claudio's for dinner. yum! i was Addie's date. she wouldn't even hold my hand, tho. =( After dinner, we went down to the boardwalk to ride The Bullet! good god, man, it was fast!! super fast! like, almost peed my pants fast! but really, i think i had more fun jacking with the kids in line. kids are so easy. i think we embarrassed most of them, which is nice. cuz that's really all that matters. i had some kid "dare" me to spit on the people below us. i acted like a was hawking up a lugi and he freaked... boy: i was just kidding! of course, then, he had to tell all his buddies what i was about to do and immediately, i was solid with them. i was, like, the coolest person in line! of course, pack of raccoon-eye girls behind us, were not so thrilled. who is teaching these girls the basics of eye make-up is what i wanna know??

it was a super fun nite! we laughed all nite! and my honey even came home early. =) we won't go into why (cough*B.A. blew chunks*cough).

sunday we started off towards the island at 8AM. yes, 8AM! because, guess who wanted a Nopalito breakfast...??? uh, it wasn't me. but she was my guest and had been deprived for so long and had got my dinner the nite before and... okay, this page just isn't long enough. it was like the girl was in heaven at the first bite. sweet momma maker of burritos, Addie was in heaven!

sunday afternoon, was the best. we went to see Avenue Q! it was so much fun!! it was such a cool show!! lemme tell ya, tho... one is never really quite ready for muppet sex. that's all i'm sayin'. if you ever have the chance, i highly recommend it. the show. not the muppet sex. well, unless you're in to that sort of thing...

after i said good-bye to Addie and my two new friends (who are allowed to visit even without Addie) i made my way over to El Patio to meet up with some friends who came in from Georgia. i got see baby Alexis in person! she is the cutest thing! we had some dinner and caught up on everything; life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. i think we're blessed in all areas. =)

that's enough for one post. i'm gonna have to do this past weekend's update later this week. i gotta get back to work. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. to Addie: tell David i'm still waiting on my SHREK!

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