Thursday, November 15, 2007


this weekend, WOZ is coming over for CRAFT DAY! can you hear the crowds roar? anyway, she'll be bringing her sewing machine with her so we can work on "packaging" for the jewelry i make. i already have someone working on a logo.

i really need to start taking pictures of the stuff i do, too. i made Mamalane a tiger eye necklace (that she LOVES!) and i made a necklace and earring set for a co-worker that she really liked. she didn't even pause. she just asked, "how much do i owe you?". those are the customers i really like!

so this weekend i also need to pick up Booger on Saturday and have him come rake the yard. 25 bucks to rake front and back, bag it, and put it on the curb. easy money. i think i might bring Princess back with me to do some crafting, too. i just photoshopped some pics that she might want to put on bracelets for her friends' christmas gifts. we'll see.

sunday, i have to go help S1 cut up stuff and prep for Thanksgiving day. she's being all whiney about her neck and her back ...wah. j/k! she does have the majority of stuff to do. i mean, with a 23 lb turkey... who the hell is she feeding? Jabba the Hut??? my back would hurt, too, from lifting that!

we're also having Thanksgiving at Commerce on Monday. my old apartment building. i've been asked to make my garlic mashed potatoes again. hey S1... some people LIKE the way i cook!! =p

that's all that's going on for now. oh, and Booger better earn that $25.

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