Monday, September 10, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - date nite! yay! well, i guess Sweet Cheeks had a late nite on Thursday, so she didn't make it out, after all. all good. we got to have that "surprise" date nite, HM wanted to take me on. he's so sweet.

he took me to a little hole in the wall joint i've been wanting to try out. good stuff! afterwards, we rented some movies; Fracture and some 300 Spartans rip-off. Fracture was good. i didn't watch the other one, but HM fell asleep watching it, if that's any indication.... CRAP, i didn't take them back this morning!!

saturday - up early. AGAIN! who can sleep with that creaky-squeaky-creak of the mop bucket? i know he means well and i should be grateful, but come on... who cleans at 8AM??? he was up doing all kinds of stuff. washing and waxing cars (getting them ready to sell), sweeping and mopping floors, i don't even know what that man does before i get up, but i am SO not complaining about it. unless, of course, it's the creaky-squeaky-creak of the mop bucket waking me up!

i got up and did some running around. i ran to Target to get a couple of cards (one for party later and one for Woz) and to Office Depot to look for some stuff for new crap i hope to create as a gift for someone (not S1!). i was gone for an hour or so... when i got back, Big Red was gone. =\ i didn't even get to say good-bye. Big Red, sold. gone.

Mamalane and Papatom came in around 3-ish. poor HM was so worn out (from all the car washing and waxing) and it was way too hot to do anything or leave the a/c, that we watched Fracture again. we had enough time before our reservation.

dinner was so good. we went to a local place, a "piano" bar. i think it says "piano" bar on the building somewhere. no where did i see "synthesizer" bar! i totally thot i was going to hear the Beverly Hills Cop theme song at some point in the nite! truly not the piano bar i was expecting. but really great food.

saturday nite - after dinner, i made my way down to our neighbor's party. the 2 G's were celebrating 10 years together. so sweet. i only went down there to say hello, give them a card and be cordial for a few minutes. an hour or so later, HM's walking down the street, wondering if i'm still alive. i was. i am. it was just so cool finally getting to meet everyone and get all the scoop about all the neighbors that weren't there.

these people have been in the neighborhood since it was first built, so they know it ALL. one woman is a realtor, so we got scoop on new development and why we we're not allowed to use the neighboring public pool. she even told us about a body being found near our dock. sad. we have a DEA agent living four houses down and a pot-head that lives across the street from him (they weren't at the party). they were all very cool people. i really hope we get to know them all better.

sunday - up early. breakfast at Nop's (don't hate, Addie)! we had an early start because we wanted to go down to the shack. the shack that no longer looks like a shack. it's sad and exciting at the same time. it's so amazing! the deck is higher than the old roof! i think it's sitting on 12ft pilings..? four bedroom, two bath, and a shower/rinse area downstairs. i took pictures and some video so i'll try and get that up, sometime, this week.

we also looked at colors for it. i'm pretty sure Papatom has his heart set on a certain color, but i'm not sure. it's either lite grey, blue grey, mauve grey, grey blue, or gray. i could be wrong. in my opinion: if it looks drab, people are going to treat it "drab". we need bright, cheery, clean colors to invite bright, cheery (clean) renters. oh yeah, it's going in the rental pool. so, no more 4th of july blowouts. =(

after we got back to the island, i went into the Lounge, looking for cheap drinks from HotBrian. he wasn't working, but i knew the guy who was, so we stopped in. there was talk of volleyball on the beach... say no more. I'M IN! i so miss beach volleyball. we only played two games, but those two games seemed like a lot more! i had so much fun. HotBrian and Lounge said they'd call me for the next game. yay!

in other news: my Daddy's doin' fine! he went home Friday and i talked to him yesterday. he's all "good in tha hood". he goes back to work this Friday and after he's recovered enough from the defribillator/pacemaker install, he goes back for stints. he works 12 hour shifts in three days (Fri-Mon), so they will do the stint operations on Monday mornings and he'll have the week to recover before returning to work on Friday. the man is crazy, i tell ya.

i'm just glad he's better. miss you Daddy!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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