Tuesday, September 04, 2007

weekend update/recap

first off, weekend was way too long! and people in my house get up way too early!! can a girl not sleep until the clock hits double digits, on a holiday weekend???

the BYOP party was great! there were some people who didn't bring pools, some people who didn't use their pools, and some people who just didn't show up when they said they would... (some people just don't get the concept of "babysitter"). some of our neighbors even showed up, which was very cool, sort of.

we've got the neighbors who live behind us - they have a pool and a really big dog and complain about our dogs barking. she was only, recently, nice to me when her kid had tossed a few tennis balls over the fence and they had to come ask for them, back. all pre-conceived notions about them being white trash lotto winners were basically confirmed. actually, not the lotto winning part.

our across the street neighbors - very nice people. older couple, married 10 years. pleasant, go with the flow people. she even came back for bloody mary brunch on Sunday and brought me a little towel thingy she crocheted(?) herself.

sunday - i got some not so good news from the Stepmonster. my daddy's in the hospital. his heart started "racing" while he was at work. the last time this happened was 2001. i've talked to him the past couple of days. he says everything is fine and they're just keeping him to check his levels. he says they only kept him an extra day because the lab was closed for the holiday. but seriously, even when he says he's fine, how can you not worry about heart problems when the man has already had two heart attacks, octuple bypass surgery, and random elevated heart beats???

we vegged out all day sunday and watched movies.

monday - yesterday, i played with some of my bead stuff. i had to, since my Photoshop sux0rz again! i almost made my first necklace... almost. it was too short. i have to add a few more beads. watched a couple of other movies.

the boys went fishing and caught nothing we could eat.

this week, HM is on vacation! he's going to be working on the mustang (YAY!) and have my dinner on the table every nite, when i get home (double YAY!).

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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FrAnika said...

HEY! I am a milk bar..requires lots of milk and/or a pump for extended hours... TMI - I know...but be nice about the babysitter comment...hoochie.