Monday, November 09, 2009

weekend update/recap

i don't even remember half of what we did, but i think we had fun doing it.

friday - Booger's last high school football game. my god, where has the time gone? he'll be in college next year. i can still remember the little runt who used to want to go everywhere with me and Addie. now, not so much. but i have those memories, dammit, and no one can take them away!

i would show you pictures, but since S1's battery died in her camera i had to give mine up. and guess who hasn't posted the pictures yet??? hmmmmm???

saturday - woke up early to meet a couple of the mommies for breakfast. Monkey's going through a new phase... let's act like a raging banshee in public! yeah, that's a cute one. NOT! he doesn't want to stay in the high chair, he doesn't want to stay in my lap. he wants to get down on the floor and crawl around on everything that is nasty! blech! he so takes after his Daddy. i'll admit, i'm a little less OCD now that i have a kid, but not so much i'd put my hands on a restaurant floor. ick!

after breakfast, we had a nap and waited for Nana. we did some Christmas shopping at C&D, had some lunch then went to the Children's Museum. Monkey had a BLAST at the Children's Museum! i got more video than pics so i'll have to put that up pretty quickly. i'll bet have the video up before S1 gets her pictures up. just sayin'.

anyway, he climbed stairs! he climbed real stairs AND cushy stairs, all by himself! he played nice with the other kids. and he has a deep fascination for steering wheels. go figure. he also went through this thing with stairs, humps, and an incline. all the way through! he was a little scared going down the incline, but he did it. he also climbed through a tunnel. he likes tunnels. we need to get more tunnels at home. and play mats. and cushion stairs. that place was awesome. we'll be going back often. i think Shaggy would like it, too. we'll have to take him with us next time.

he passed out as soon as we got back in the car. he sorta made a friend but he was mostly exploring on his own. my kid's gonna be a loner. great...

sunday - we had planned to see the girls' games but it started drizzling. we invited Mamalane and Papatom down instead. as per usual, Monkey was napping when they got there. he was in a pretty good mood when he got up, though, so he was up for playing. Mamalane was more than happy to oblige.

hey lady, get outta my box!

sunday evening - we all wound down pretty early. Monkey went down around 5:00 and since reading all that about night terrors (him possibly being overtired), i was not waking him up. he got up on his own around 10:30, stayed up with Daddy for a couple of hours then slept thru the nite. oh, but he was up bright and early at 4:30! seriously, he can't just give me that last 30 minutes??? good god, man!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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