Monday, May 05, 2008

i suck, i know

there's been no "weekend update/recap" for the last three weekends, i know. not that there hasn't been anything going on. there has. cool and exciting things. there was a weekend at the shack aka sunburn alley, a weekend in Vegas, and this weekend we grilled out. okay, that last one doesn't sound exciting, but it was really nice. i got to work on some video and HM & BA did garage stuff. i like when BA's around. he gets to be my little kitchen helper. =)

so anyways, here's some video from the weekend at the shack:

sunburn alley II from islebehere on Vimeo.

i'll put video of Vegas up, as soon as i get it all sorted out. oh, and also video of me and S1 doing some ad-lib karaoke, road-trip style. yeah, be afraid.

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